12 Coolest Pokemon Gift Basket Ideas for Fans

Is your son or daughter obsessed with Pokemon? Or perhaps one of your friends has been collecting Pokemon items since childhood and would still be very excited to receive a unique Pokemon gift today.

If you want to customize gift baskets for a Pokemon fan, get inspired by these 12 ideas. Don’t forget to add at least a few snacks or candy to satisfy a hungry Pokemon trainer on a mission to catch ’em all!

Idea #1: A Pokemon backpack

Pokemon backpacks come in all shapes and sizes, and you could get one and use it instead of a basket or a box. Whether the backpack shows the recipient’s favourite Pokemon or a large group of these colourful, collectible monsters, you can fill it with other Pokemon-themed gifts to prepare a one-of-a-kind gift basket.

Idea #2: Pokemon cards and a carrying case

No Pokemon gift basket would be complete without at least a few cards. Don’t worry if your kid already has many cards: if they get one they already own, they will surely be happy to trade it with one of their Pokemon-loving friends.

You could also include a nice carrying case so they can organize their cards and carry them anywhere they go.

Idea #3: Pokemon action figures

Action figures are also a lot of fun for Pokemon fans. Whether they want to collect or play with them, they will be happy to find a few in their gift basket.

It’s even better if you know which Pokemon is their favourite. Is it the cheerful Pikachu? Is it Eevee, Bulbasaur, or Charmander? You should have no trouble finding figurines of them.

Idea #4: Pokemon plush toys

Some kids prefer plush toys to action figures, and you should be able to find plenty of Pokemon plush toys as well.

You can find Pokemon-shaped plush toys or some shaped like Pokeballs, so your kid can safely throw them around to pretend they are Pokemon trainers catching new Pokemons.

Idea #5: A Pokemon handbook

If your gift basket recipient is just getting started as a Pokemon trainer, you could give them a Pokemon handbook.

Your gift will allow them to see pictures of each collectible Pokemon and learn more about them and their possible evolutions. Even long-time Pokemon fans will love flipping through the pages of their new handbook.

Idea #6: A Pokemon mug

Whether they prefer coffee, tea or hot chocolate, everyone loves mugs. You could add a Pokemon mug to your gift basket and perhaps fill it with a pack of the recipient’s favourite drink.

Pokemon mugs can feature different Pokemons, or they can even be shaped like a Pokeball or like an individual Pokemon.

Idea #7: A set of Pokemon glasses

A set of beautiful Pokemon glasses can also be a great idea for a gift basket. Whether made from glass or clear plastic, you can be sure they will be colourful and that the recipient of your gift will love them.

Idea #8: A Pokemon watch

Passionate Pokemon fans will be excited to wear a Pokemon watch. A watch with a digital display featuring Pikachu and Ash will ensure your kid always knows what time it is. It will also make them smile whenever they look at it.

Idea #9: A pair of Pokemon socks

A pair of socks featuring Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, or Mewtwo is another great addition to a Pokemon gift basket.

They are available in kids’ sizes, but you can also find Pokemon socks made for adults if the recipient of your gift basket is an adult who is a kid at heart.

Idea #10: Pokemon pajamas

A pair of pajama pants or a set of pyjamas with Pokemon prints would make a great gift to add to a Pokemon gift basket. There are even onesies that can serve as a Pokemon costume!

Of course, it’s easier to find Pokemon pajamas for kids, but it’s not impossible to find one made for an adult if this is what you need.

Idea #11: Pokemon stickers

Pokemon fans usually love to collect anything related to Pokemons. If you can find stickers of these adorable monsters, you can add some to your gift basket. Look for quality stickers that won’t fade in the sun, and that can be placed on any surface.

Idea #12: Pokeball bath bombs

You can’t add a real Pokeball to your gift basket, but you can get Pokeball bath bombs, which are a lot of fun. They come in various colours and fragrances; some even feature a small Pokemon figurine hidden inside.

All they will have to do is place the Pokeball in their bathtub and wait for it to dissolve!