5 Services and Activities in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are long-term care facilities where people may go to live once they start having a harder time living on their own. These facilities are designed to allow residents to maintain a high level of independence while ensuring their safety and health.

People sometimes turn their noses up at the thought of entering a nursing home, however the benefits and help they provide to their residents are many, and it would be silly not to take into account all of these things when considering living options for the later stages of life.

1. Cleaning services

One of the things that can be really overwhelming about keeping house is to try and keep it clean all the time, especially when mobility issues can make that task long and difficult. Nursing homes provide basic housekeeping services for residents, which means they would be in charge of tidying their place up daily, but all the dusting, vacuuming, and general housecleaning tasks would be taken care of. Depending on their mobility level, residents may require additional cleaning services like laundry, and daily tidying and bed making services. Some extra housecleaning services come with an additional charge.

2. Cooking services

Residents in nursing homes receive three healthy meals every day, and often have snacks available to them throughout the day. Nursing homes hire dieticians and professional chefs to ensure that their residents are eating well, and are getting good food while they’re at it. Some nursing homes also have on-site restaurants, bistros or cafés which can provide them with an alternative option if they want something different for a change, or if they have guests and would prefer something a little special. Regardless, residents do not have to worry about cooking which can become dangerous or difficult for people, depending on their condition.

3. Daily activities and social interaction

While residents can choose to do whatever they want throughout the day, nursing homes will organize all sorts of games, activities and outings to help keep residents engaged and happy. Loneliness is a common feeling for people in the later stages of life, so these activities provide residents with a space and a reason to convene with others and make friendships, socialize, and get out of their room. Nursing homes will also organize exercise classes and activities to help keep residents active and fit.

4. A safe environment

Another relief for residents in nursing homes is that they do not have to be concerned for their own safety. Nursing homes have 24/7 on-site medical services available, so if the resident should become injured or very ill, they would receive immediate medical attention. There are emergency response systems in place in nursing homes, so anybody can call for medical attention at any time, no matter where they are in the facilities.

There are also security cameras, a concierge on-site at all times, and controlled building access to ensure that anybody who enters the building is a welcomed guest.

5. On-site amenities

Nursing homes will often also make available certain amenities so that residents do not have to leave the grounds in order to have certain services provided. For instance, some nursing homes have a hairdresser on the premises so residents don’t have to go off site to get their hair done. They also keep services on-site that people tend to use frequently, such as a chapel for people to practice their religions in, and a library that residents can access daily. In addition, nursing homes may also have a shop or store of some kind where they can pick up basic needs without having to leave the premises.