8 Practical Features of Futon Mattresses

A futon mattress is the best solution for the perfect small space at home. They offer comfort and embraces your body shape. Selective futon mattresses can be turned into a sofa to relax and watch TV during the day or be used as a bed for a good night’s sleep. There are a wide range of futon mattresses that are resistant to bed bugs and allergen particles. They are manufactured using a combination of materials that offers several health and comfort benefits. Plus they are portable, foldable and easy to store during the day.

A bed mattress is a significant investment and important for a proper sleep. Therefore, it is important for you to consider all your options before you invest in one. Here are some of the many reasons to opt for a futon mattress.

1. Dual purpose

Space is never wasted with a futon mattress. There are some that you can use as a couch, bed or both. Some of these mattresses are designed to be foldable without compromising on comfort. You can use the couch during the day and convert it to a bed at night. A futon mattress is the best space saver. Dual purpose futons offer aesthetics as you can turn it into a nice looking couch. This allows you to use the space during the day.

2. Comfort

Futons are equally comfortable to standard mattresses. They come in a variety of sizes including regular bed sizes such as single, double and queen size. There are vendors that offer custom sizing futon mattresses for a specific room size. Compact with layers of cotton and wool, a futon mattress offers a natural feel and a good night’s sleep. Futon mattresses also come in different thicknesses similar to regular mattresses for extreme comfort.

3. Resistant to dust mites and allergies

Now you do not have to worry about bed bugs, dust mites or your bed trapping allergen particles. Futon mattresses are made to resist bed bugs, dust mites, pet dander and other allergen particles. Selective futon mattresses are a good option for people with allergies or even asthma.

4. Temperature regulating properties

Selective futon mattresses consist of temperature regulating properties where it can regulate heat. This feature allows the body to remain cool and dry. The fibre has a high humidity absorption and breathing capacity offering ultimate sleeping comfort. Your mattress remains fresher in summer and warm during the winters.

5. Affordable Price

Futon mattresses are not very expensive. In fact, they are affordable and offer value for your money. If you purchase a futon mattress to be used as both a couch or bed, you only need one frame to support the dual use. And believe it or not, you can buy a futon mattress for only $179.

6. Portability

Selective futon mattresses are manufactured to be portable and to save space. You can easily fold them and store the mattresses during the day or fold them and use as a relaxing couch. They are not as heavy as a sofa or a regular bed.

7. Durable yet soft

A futon mattress is made of materials which last longer and at the same time provide the necessary comfort. There are futon mattresses that are manufactured using a combination of foam and cotton for durability and softness.  The foam makes the mattress strong and sturdy, while the cotton material makes the mattress extra soft.

8. Supports different sleeping positions

The memory foam futon mattresses can offer pressure point relief and spine support. You probably enjoy sleeping on your side or back. This is when a memory form mattress is beneficial as it can accommodate any type of sleeping position.